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Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Is My Passion Thursdays: Meet Virginia Arrington, Mobile Juice Bar Owner

Virginia Arrington aka Gin, Owner of Gin's Mobile Juice Bar

Virginia Arrington is known by friends and family as Gin. She grew up in Anderson, SC and moved to Columbia, SC three years ago. Gin lives with her wonderful husband, Tanner, and fluffy cat, Louie. 

Gin is passionate about health and the daily choices one can make pertaining to health. She started her own fruit and vegetable juicing business, Gin’s Juice, about 9 months ago. Gin's goal is to offer freshly made fruit and vegetable juices to people living in Columbia, at a reasonable price. She also partners with local farms as much as she can for local produce and to give them her pulp to feed their livestock. 
Personal Photo by Virginia Arrington of Gin's Mobile Juice Bar

Before Gin’s Juice, she was a third grade teacher in Columbia.
It was a big risk to stop teaching and abandon her income for the hopes of beginning a business. Gin had no idea if it would succeed or fail.  She is thankful her husband had a job and we both agreed that she should pursue her dream of beginning a juice bar in Columbia. It has been an exciting road the last 9 months. Gin began at the local farmer’s markets, Soda City on Main St. and Healthy Carolina Market on USC’s campus. It was at these markets that she realized how much people enjoyed her juices and was able to see the potential of expanding her business in Columbia. Gin is thankful for the farmers markets because they gave her exposure to the people of Columbia, let her test her idea without too much overhead, and allowed her to make enough money to continue juicing and eventually allowed her to purchase her Mobile Juice Bar. She can’t say enough great things about our local farmers markets helping people take risks in their own business ventures. Now, Gin is beginning a new journey of taking her Juice Bar around town to different locations for people to purchase juice.  She hopes to continue to grow to new locations and offer her juices more often throughout the week.

Gin gives this advice to others who are fearful to Take A Leap into their passion and purposeful career:

"First, you have to dream.  Allow yourself to dream and then take small steps to see if that dream is feasible.  If it is, then make a plan of action (business plan). Save some money specifically for starting up your business.  I started my business on $1,000 and continue to operate it on a small budget. I really have to think of what I need, not what I want. I believe new businesses should buy smart, getting by with minimal overhead so you are not stressed about debt and starting a new business.  New businesses take time to make money and if you spend too much, you might not make it past the first year.  Also, be friendly to people, especially those that might be your competition.  It is never worth being jealous or angry at someone in order for your business to succeed.  People and things will always threaten your business, and that is okay. If it is a good business, it will work out."

Thank you Gin, we know your business will succeed. Sharee and I recently had a drink at Gin's Mobile Juice bar and we LOVED it. Follow Gin at the links below to find out where she will be throughout the week in the Columbia, SC area.
Instagram- GinsJuiceSC
Twitter- GinsJuiceSC

Rhonda W. & Sharee W.